Estruç "Peça fugaç"


Estruç presents their first album “Peça fugaç” (lit. quick piece) released 9 jan 2018. Eleven songs that the catalan band has composed during the past two years.

The album can be heard online on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud. A physical edition has also been released, a 12” vinyl with a risographed poster, edited by independent labels Indian Runners, El Mamut Traçut and Estruç.

“Peça fugaç” are eleven hypnotic pills of noise pop and torrencial post-punk that echo the ghosts of Sonic Youth, Television or Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, but also The Slits, This Heat and also from an early Patti Smith. […] “Peça fugaç” would have to put Estruç on the focus of any radar that is seeking for values as originality, singularity or sensibility. […] Titles like “És tard, noi” or “Com sempre” are being perfilated as underground hymns for the most brave and unconformist Barcelona.
Oriol Serra, fragments from his blog "Dancing with the clown"

After a proper follow-up, a quick sight at their medical history would describe them as “able to obsess over choppy beats and repetitions or to entangle in electrical deliriums in a compulsive fashion”. From here, we have the need to let them romp between the immediate freshness of noise pop and the intrincate disassemblement of postcore. Otherwise, they would probably become socially dangerous people.
Ojalá estë mi bici, from their blog

“Peça fugaç” has been recorded at Hukot studio in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) by Milo Gomberoff (Miranada Discs, Familea Miranda), who has also masterized it. Mix and production came by the hand of Helio Reguera, (NITCH, Nøn-oxymorøn). Cover art is by young artist Francesc Ruiz Abad.

Pro tip: You can write the cedilla (ç) on a Mac by pressing alt + c, on Ubuntu by pressing alt + , or on Windows by pressing alt + 0231.

About Estruç

Estruç (catalan for ostrich, but also for stubborn in a more metaphorical way) is a rock trio formed in 2015 by Ota Quílez (guitar, voice), Joel Santaeulària (bass) and Marià Codina (drums). About their style, it has been said that the band fluctuates from noise pop to posthardcore, with hypnotic instrumentals, somehow cacophonic, constrasted by the warm and sweet voice of Ota.

They’ve played in some festivals like Salt Mortal and La Casa Gran, and in some local venues. Till de date, they have released "Peça fugaç" (2018 — Indian Runners, El Mamut Traçut, Estruç), "DEMO K7 EP '16" (2016 — Estruç) and they appear in the compilation "Monotemas" (2017 — La Nada Colectiva, Shookdown Underzine).



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